Chumphon Gateway to Southern Thailand

Kaem Ling Nong Yai – Generosity of King Rama IX – The first Kaem Ling project in Thailand. The first check-in point of this trip, we will take you to Kaem Ling Nong Yai, Chumphon Province, the area that has been blessed by the generosity from King Rama IX that helped people who live in the area survive the great flood. Kaem Ling Nong Yai nowadays is a remarkable tourist attractions with beautiful scenery and famous landmarks. Enjoy the view and take beautiful pictures on the S-shaped wooden bridge that stretches into the middle of the reservoir. It is an outstanding viewing point, especially in the morning and in the evening when the sunlight shines against the water surface. And enjoy watching a herd of deer on the banks of the river in the learning center.

The King’s Philosophy Learning Center –
Based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy

Nong Yai Area Development Project under the Royal Initiative – Chumphon Province

The project area is divided into 3 areas: forest area; agricultural area, the area where farmers and students come to study or have lecture about agriculture; and the number 9 island where Phato Conservation And Watershed Management Unit building is located and homestay services are provided.

Crab’s Bank

Crab eggs will be deposited and raised by Macha Street Community Enterprise before released into the sea

Crab’s Bank is one of the famous tourist attractions in Chumphon. Crab’s Bank accepts crabs with eggs from local fishermen. Crabs with eggs will be deposited to the bank until baby crabs are born and raised to a certain size. After that the crabs will be released back to the sea.

Thung Maha Bay, Pathio District, Chumphon Province
Dive in to see a field of sea anemones and whale sharks

Ko Ran Pet Ko Ran Kai

Visit Ko Ran Pet Ko Ran Kai, Chumphon’s popular diving site, the island that is said to be a paradise for divers. Ko Ran Pet Ko Ran Kai is a small uninhabited island with spots for snorkeling, scuba diving and free diving. In addition to the beautiful scenery of the sea, we may be fortunate enough to see a whale shark, a new endangered animal of Thailand.