Style : Private Island
Room Rates : from $1400
General Manager : Marco Den Ouden
Room and Suites : 110 Beach Suites and Villas
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Set to open in late 2020, Patina Maldives is designed by renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. The resort offers 90 beach and water villas, ranging from one to three bedrooms, all of which embody a harmonyof sanctuary and stimulation. Accompanying the villas, the resort also offers 20 Fari Studios.

The Brazilian architect, Marcio Kogan designed each of our 110 exquisite Beach Suites and Villas provide private sanctuary while the joys of island life surround you. In this stunning ocean resort, there are myriad ways to enjoy restorative relaxation and pure pleasure. The adjacent Fari Marina and Beach Club invite further exploration of its plaza of boutiques and restaurants.

Patina Maldives is part of a multi-island development in the Fari Islands and form an archipelago with an exiting range of properties. Located in the North Atoll of the Maldives, Fari Islands is home to island artistry, an elevated Maldivian destination that celebrates nature, craft and connection.

Patina Maldives is strategically situated on the island which forms the heartof the socialdestination: the Fari Marina is built around a vibrant Beach Club, with charming boutiques and a variety of handpicked, upscale food and drink options. Guests of Patina Maldives will enjoy freedom of movement across the islands, which gives every guest the choice of privacy and seclusion or avibrant social centre.

Fari Islands is an elevated Maldivian resort experience that celebrates nature, craft and connection. Anchored by three world-class hospitality brands, Fari Islands is located in the North Male Atoll of the Maldives, a 50-minute speedboat journey from Male International Airport.

The archipelago of four islands also features the picturesque Fari Marina, which is built around a vibrant Fari Beach Club, charming boutiques and a selection of handpicked, upscale food and drink options. Spaces have been masterfully designed by renowned architects from Studio Mk27 (by Marcio Kogan), Kengo Kuma & Associates, and Kerry Hill Architects, to bring about a delicate balance of serenity and social.

A fourth island is home to a thoughtful hospitality campus; Fari Village is a dedicated island for staff with a focus on community, education, and engagement, and is the first of its kind in the Maldives.

Address :
Thanburudhoo, Fari Islands
North Malé Atoll
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +65 6887 9830
Web: Patina Maldives
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