Lufthansa, Special Flight Schedule in Times of Coronavirus

Lufthansa, Special Flight Schedule in Times of Coronavirus

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, May 11, 2020 / TRAVELINDEX / Many people are dependent on flying for important reasons, even during the coronavirus crisis. Initially, travellers simply wanted to go back home. Now people ma‍y have to take a flight for personal or professional reasons.

Although demand is currently very low on all routes, it is important for us to offer our customers a special flight schedule to meet all of their needs. You ma‍y book approximately 330 weekly connections within Germany, as well as to European and to some extent even worldwide destinations from our hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. With this reduced flight schedule, we are still able to offer flights to our most important destinations.

Creating a special flight schedule is a unique process, even for the experts in flight planning.

During planning, they need to consider the current travel and security guidelines for any possible destination, as well as general booking behaviour and social trends. This provides the flight planners with a clear overview of the most popular destinations as well as of the possible developments in the markets.

Due to increased enquiries on our homepage, we have reinstated Athens in Greece and Porto as a second destination in Portugal to our route network as of Ma‍y 18. We are also once again flying to Gothenburg in Sweden, due to the increased market developments in Scandinavia.

We hope to be able to continuously expand our flight schedule in accordance with our customer needs in the coming weeks and months.