Malta Announces 30 Scholarships for Climate Friendly Travel

Malta Announces 30 Scholarships for Climate Friendly Travel

Valletta, Malta, September 4, 2020 / TRAVELINDEX / At a press conference at the Gozo Campus of the Institute for Tourism Studies, Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli launched the government’s continuous effort towards climate-friendly travel through 30 scholarships aimed at mitigating climate change. Supporting Students From Developing Countries and Small Island States.

These scholarships are for a new online diploma in climate-friendly travel and are piloted by the ITS and SUNx Malta. These are aimed mostly towards countries affected greatly by climate change. Earlier this year this diploma was offered free of charge to Maltese and Gozitan students.

This diploma is the first of its type and will train students to support businesses in the travel and transport industry in adjusting their operations towards the goal of becoming carbon neutral, in the face of the global challenge of Climate Change.

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli lauded the ITS’s efficiency in operating throughout the pandemic that has enabled the launch of these 30 scholarships. She stated that whilst travel and tourism are crucial, these activities have to be done in a way that reduces as much as possible the environmental impact. The minister said that as from October, the ITS and SUNx through the new diploma will start training in this delicate and world-recognised important subject.

“Through these scholarships and this institute of climate-friendly travel Malta is committing itself in this sector and has become a global centre for climate-friendly travel,” stated Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli.

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri said that the Diploma in Climate-Friendly Travel is not only the being offered from the Gozo Campus for the first time, but it is also the first time that an accredited course like this is being offered internationally. Minister Camilleri stated that, “As Gozitans, we’re honoured that this institute shall operate from Gozo and I urge all Gozitans to apply for this course and other courses offered by the ITS.” The Gozo Minister continued saying that tourism is essential for Gozo and courses related to tourism are crucial for more young people to specialise in sectors deeply important to Gozo, whilst continuing training for the future.

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President of SUNx Malta and former Assistant Secretary-General of the UNWTO, stated in a virtual address that:

“We have formed a team of around 25 deeply-informed lecturers on the subject, to provide online interactive lessons in this diploma. This will help them for future climate-friendly jobs in transport and sustainable hospitality, to be policy-makers for governments or destination management. They will discover why it is essential to have climate-friendly travel and to do our part in the global response for the existing climate crisis. They shall also learn to consider the transformation of the travel and tourism sector in light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal and the Paris Climate Accord. In the next 10 years, every travel and tourism business and the community will shift towards climate-friendly travel, whether it is through informed decisions, consumer pressure or government regulations. It is why those career opportunities will multiply greatly,” stated Professor Lipman.

Interested applicants may register for this scholarship at

Individuals who are interested in this programme but are not eligible to apply for this scholarship, may apply for the study programme here

Present for the launch were Deputy ITS Chairman Carlo Micallef, Director of Studies Professor Glen Farrugia, ITS Gozo Administration Head Jesmond Borg and Hans Friederich, board member of SUNx Malta.

The Strong Universal Network SUNx is a global Travel & Tourism Climate Response system, designed to act as a catalyst for the sector to develop Climate Friendly Travel – Paris 1.5 and SDG linked: and a conduit to the UNFCCC driven New Climate Economy. Operating globally from Malta, with a Registry of Climate Neutral Ambitions; a Climate Friendly Travel Diploma and an SDG17 led Climate Champions outreach program. Established as legacy to Maurice Strong, Climate Activist and Sustainable Development Pioneer. In 2019, through a partnership with Malta’s Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection, and Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) SUNx Malta was created to establish Malta as a Global Centre for Climate Friendly Travel.