Saint Ange Tourism Report – 21st January 2019

Saint Ange Tourism Report – 21st January 2019

Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles) – January 21, 2019 ( – We have spoken about the need for Seychelles to save its safety and security label and the Kenyan tragedy but days ago should be a reminder that we need to remain on the alert at all times. President Kenyatta of Kenya and his CS for Tourism Najib Balala have reacted fast and are doing all that is possible to mitigate adverse effects of this terrorist attack and have said that they do not expect serious adverse effects to their tourism industry.

The troubled world we live in dictates to the discerning traveller that ‘safety and security’ are today the most important selling points for any tourism destination. France with the Yellow Vest protests have fallen into the same safety trap and tourism to Paris has suffered. The need for a tourism meeting to discuss this important topic is over needed and any further delay is playing with fire. Regions must move first to see their challenges before bringing it to the global stage. Kenya through the African Union (AU) could be leading this needed drive as CS Balala is also today the Head o the CAF Grouping at the UNWTO.

Beauty of Seychelles

“No, this is not Anse Source d’Argent beach on La Digue, but we think that our Carana beach is just as stunning! Agree?” said a recent post on Social Media.

Following on right in the heels of “Safety and Security” is the natural landscape of tourism destinations. Seychelles is blessed with its amazing beaches with their granite boulders. Seychelles today talks of the ‘Blue Economy’, but has always had an eye for conservation and on its environment. Though the islands must take a step back to ‘dot the Is and cross the Ts’ it needs to look at the popular beaches, the gateways to its Blue Economy platform and the same asset that is so needed for a consolidated tourism industry. Tourists continue to complain about the lack of public toilets and showers. Bearing in mind that what is good for tourism is also good for the local population, this needed basic facility is a must now especially after years of it being discussed in public / private sector cross sectorial meetings that were until two years ago chaired by the current President of the islands.

Marketing Seychelles

Tinaz Wadia the new Director of Sales at Four Seasons and the H Resort of Beau Vallon new recruits, Director of Sales Sherif El Mansoury and PR Manager Arushi Gupta. were last week doing their rounds to the local DMCs to introduce themselves.

Tinaz Wadia is not new to Seychelles Tourism having previously worked for the private sector trade locally and also was the London based Director for the Seychelles Tourism Board.

Seychelles was also saying goodbye this week to Isabelle Le Strat from H Resort, Beau Vallon who is heading to the sister island of Mauritius. Isabelle Le Strat was at a point in time part of the Paris based Marketing Team for the Seychelles Tourism Board before joining the private sector in the islands.

Aviation Seychelles

Seychelles International Airport is the gateway for anyone flying to the islands for tourism or as a business person. It is this airport that is the partner for the island’s tourism industry as it is the partner for Members of the Business Community. The Team at the airport have ever since the opening of the facility been dedicated and have always delivered for Seychelles as was expected of them.

More and more traffic is now landing at the Seychelles International Airport and any new development in the island’s aviation will become the partner of the Airport’s Team.

Seychelles International Airways ready to start operations next year

Captain Robert Marie has confirmed that the Seychelles International Airways will be starting direct non-stop service with Europe and the Far East as from next year. Captain Robert Marie has been travelling non-stop for meetings and planning the start of the new airline originating from Seychelles. Many Cabin Crew with years of experience are said to be ready to join forces with a Seychellois to make the airline the success Seychelles deserves it to be. Every Seychellois will see this drive by a local experienced pilot as exemplary and will be wishing him well in his endeavours.

Kenya Airways to make daily flights to Seychelles as of February

Seychelles will be more accessible to the outside world starting February 6, 2019, as Kenya Airways introduces additional flights to its services, operating on a daily basis between the exotic islands and Kenya.

The airline is currently flying to the island archipelago five times per week from Kenya’s Capital city – Nairobi. This latest development by the African carrier opens up the islands to main land Africa as it does to the world.

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