Saudi Crown Prince to Develop Kingdom’s Historical Palaces

Saudi Crown Prince to Develop Kingdom’s Historical Palaces

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, January 25, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Chairman of the Public Investment Fund announced the launch of Boutique Group, a new hospitality brand that will manage and convert a collection of iconic historic and cultural palaces in Saudi Arabia into ultra-luxury boutique hotels, according to a statement. Boutique Group revives heritage by converting historic and cultural palaces into ultra-luxury boutique hotels.

The company will revive the vibrant heritage and culture of Saudi Arabia to create a new and unique hospitality experience, it added.

The first phase of the project will focus on the development of three historic palaces in cooperation with the private sector, including Al Hamra Palace that will offer 77 keys including 33 luxury palace suites and 44 luxury villas in Jeddah.

In 1971, King Faisal bin Abdulaziz directed to dedicate Al Hamra Palace as a hospitality palace for the most prominent international public figures from around the world.

Tuwaiq Palace will provide 96 keys including 40 luxury palace suites and 56 luxury villas. Whereas Red Palace will offer 71 keys including 46 luxury suites, and 25 luxury guest rooms. Both Tuwaiq and Red palace are located in Riyadh.

Tuwaiq Palace is an architectural masterpiece blending heritage with natural surroundings. Tuwaiq Palace is one of the most prominent historical and cultural landmarks in the city of Riyadh, built in 1980

The Red Palace is considered the first reinforced concrete building constructed in Riyadh city in 1944. Famous for its unique reddish color, The Red Palace was the first reinforced concrete building in Riyadh city.

Boutique Group will blend the Kingdom’s culture and heritage with modern amenities to provide an exclusive hospitality experience and a unique service to its guests, growing the Saudi ultra-luxury hospitality sector and contributing to the development of the local economy. The company will also offer many high-end experiences from dining to wellness to exclusive services for each guest.

Commenting on the new group, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Governor of PIF, said in the statement, “The Crown Prince’s launch of the Boutique Group underlines PIF’s mandate to unlock the capabilities of promising sectors in Saudi Arabia that can help drive the diversification of the economy and contribute to non-oil GDP growth.”

“The group will enhance the Kingdom’s already unique tourism offerings, strengthening Saudi Arabia’s position as a leading regional and international tourism and cultural destination and contributing to Saudi Vision 2030,” he added.