Vivin Opened their First Stand-alone Grocery Store

Vivin Opened their First Stand-alone Grocery Store

Bangkok (Thailand) – January 13, 2020 ( – Vivin, a local gourmet and fine food product suppliers have opened up their first stand-alone grocery store, “Vivin Grocery” in Ekamai Complex, Bangkok and just in time for Christmas and New Years 2020.

Vivin first began as a pop up store at the Bangkok Farmers Market in 2014 selling only whole foie-gras terrine, a recipe from the Grandmother of Nicolas Vivin, who added his own twist to the equation. Some of those twists were to incorporate local products into the foie gras, such as infusing the Phuket-based rum, Chalong Bay Rum or Strawberries from Chiang Mai.

Nicolas and his business partner and wife, Samantha Proyrungtong, had long believed in the application and promotion of local products as the more sustainable alternatives for finer food, which is now much more widely accepted in Thailand today. In the beginning, they faced many challenges to convince and educate, both local and International persons of the quality and benefit of these artisanal Thai products, together with a handful of artisans pioneering this niche industry.

Fast-forward 6 years onwards and Vivin has greatly extended their range which focuses on local and artisanal products, growing the range from the single foie gras Whole Duck Terrine to a variety of cow and goat Cheeses from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Jam and Chutneys made from local organic fruits.

Vivin are now providing butchery of local beef and chicken along with producing cold cuts, with their new production company, Extrovert Food. Vivin also stock high quality local seasonings and organic herbs which also compliment the meats.

All these products including imported natural wine and caviar will be available for purchase at their mini Grocery store located at the Ekamai Complex. A complex which is fast becoming a foodies center, with fellow boutique eateries such as Yellow Spoon, The Crib, Délice de Capoue and the new Stage Restaurant.

The new Vivin Grocery will boast a display fridge full of local Thai cheeses and cold cuts in retail sizes, packaged and ready to take away, plus shelves stacked with jars of jams, organic herbs and a variety of local Rums. Products from different artisans and boutique producers will be showcased in the Vivin Grocery, such as Serial Pickler range of pickles and OEL OEA’s Olive Oil, and more artisanal selections to come.

There will also be a freezer for easy grab-and-go local Thai beef and pork for those wanting to fry up a juicy steak, or sizzle a sausage. There will be wine from Thailand, but also from all parts of the world, mostly Austria, Spain, Italy, and France, which are all in the biodynamic, natural wine and organic wine category.

Vivin Grocery is the ideal one-stop-shop the perfect gourmet night in; pick up a bottle or two along with your gourmet goodies or even an “APERO BOX – Gourmet Platter in a Box” to enjoy at home for a dinner party or a delicious self-indulgence.

Customers are also welcome to dine-in at the Vivin Grocery to enjoy a glass of wine at lunch or at aperitif time at our bar. Best of all, we welcome our visitors to try samples of the products before they buy or even to satisfy their curiosity with our informed Vivin Grocery staff to explain specialised products detail. At Vivin we insist on consistent top quality, taste and service, to which Vivin has become renowned for.

Vivin Grocery will also hold special events for wine and gourmet food lovers, inviting artisans and producers for workshop events, to cater for the industry or to the public, so stay tuned!

No time to visit? Vivin sell and deliver their gourmet grocery products online at It is only at Vivin Grocery, in-store and online that you can find the best prices* (*not including special promotions)