Balloons over Chiang Mai at Thailand’s 10th International Balloon Festival

Balloons over Chiang Mai at Thailand’s 10th International Balloon Festival

Chiang Mai (Thailand) – February 14, 2018 ( – Thailand’s first and only International Balloon Festival will be held on March 2, 3, and 4, 2018 in Thailand’s northern city of Chiang Mai at the Cowboy Army Riding Club. The backdrop of the fabulous mountains and Doi Suthep will ensure not just great views but great photos of the night glow show against the indigo skies.

The festival this year marks the 10th anniversary of the hot air balloon festival, so there will be plenty of special attractions, activities for the whole family and delicious food from top hotels and restaurants in Chiang Mai. We are looking forward to popular local bands like the Odd Gods and others.

An abundance of hot air balloons will gracefully drift through the air, but one of the main highlights will be the unique, balloons night glow that will decorate the sky at night. It will be the first time ever in the world that “The Sparkling Glow” of the balloon nightglow has been created by Sornchat Krainara, the Festival Owner and her Boon Companion Composer, Bringkop Vora-Urai. The night glow will be synchronized with specially composed music with the Lanna Orchestra combine The Tiger Drum and Opera which has never performed anywhere before.

The famous German Opera singer, Thomas Kiessling, will be joining popular Thai singer Pe’ Kamonporn in performing La Vie En Rose in a duet battle of the stars! The high lighten the evening that everyone must not miss is a fantastic performance of Tiger Drum group.Another combination of East and West performances will be through ‘SPLASH’, an event that fuses Flamenco and Lanna Contemporary Dance. These two dance styles will come together in a wild array of colours and movement that will truly splash out.

Thailand is known for its mouth-watering cuisine, so guests can rest assured that there will be plenty of delicious Thai dishes on offer from the local community. At this year’s festival, attendees will also be in for a treat as one of the special guests will be Thai celebrity chef Som Chanakarn, who will be putting on quite a display. For those who love coffee, there will also be a coffee carnival showcasing some of the best coffee that Thailand has on offer.

Other events include Art exhibitions and workshops from many artists, Thai fashion and jewellry shows from famous Thai designers.

The great showcase is a rare traditional craft from villagers in the Sop Moei district of the Mae Hong Son province. Kent Gregory, founder of Sop Mei Arts is proudly present his collaborate work with Anna Ferrari, formerly Ikea Interior Designer.

The Thailand International Balloon Festival this year will continue to include Chiang Mai’s diverse international community in the International Heritage section with booths from India, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Germany and many other countries featuring performances, special activities, food and more. Working again with the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) to bring this unique festival to Chiang Mai and the world with a new virtual tour online! Free WiFi will also be available which the good news is.

Tickets can be purchased online through and are 300 baht each for a single day. Children aged 7-12 years 100 Baht. Children under 7 years of age are free of charge. Once you register online you won’t need a paper ticket to enter as we work hard to make less of an impact on our environment.

Link to ticket online:

The event this year is going fully digital, reducing its carbon footprint, and encouraging vendors and visitors to avoid using plastic and straws. Bring your own bottle and help keep the Chiang Mai clean!

This year’s festival is sure to bring wonder and joy to all who attend.

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