Michelin-star Restaurant Savelberg Launches New Experience Menu

Michelin-star Restaurant Savelberg Launches New Experience Menu - TOP25RESTAURANTS.com - TRAVELINDEXBangkok, Thailand, November 8, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Savelberg restaurant Bangkok launching a new menu, “Savelberg Experience”, and with prices starting at THB 2,800, it’s a relatively inexpensive introduction to modern French fine dining gastronomy in Bangkok.

Created by Michelin-star chef Henk Savelberg, the “Savelberg Experience” course menu is designed to reflect Chef Henk’s culinary mastery.

The experience journey includes:
the signature Faberge Egg, in which he uses “Veal Tenderloin” to make the classic “Veal Tartare” mixed with “Granny Smith Green apples” and “Tomatsu Soy Sauce” from Netherland. The Chef use the combination of “Crème Fraiche” and “Royal Oscietar caviar” which give it more refreshing, then lush buttery, long aftertaste, and crisp with aroma to complete the dish.
Scallop with pumpkin, pumpkin seed vinaigrette,apricot:
Pan fried Scallop paired with pumpkin beurre noisette purée. The chef top the scallop up with pumpkin seed and truffle vinaigrette to give more texture , nutty, crunchies and more fragrance on the truffle side then finish with the sweet taste of grilled apricot to get more complexity.
Turbot with fennel, finger lime, veronique, grape, salicornia, trout roe:
Poached Turbot with grilled and fresh fennel goes well with “Veronique sauce” French White wine base sauce that go together with seafood , The Chef add finger lime and trout roe to balance out the flavors.
Quail Roulade with foie gras, cranberry jam, cabbage roll, truffle jus:
Quail roulade with foie gras and Australian winter black truffle that go together with sweet and sour cranberry jam to balance out the taste also Chef finish up by add cabbage roll and truffle jus to make the dish even more flavorful.
Hitachiwagyu Beef A5, Jerusalem artichoke, pearl onion, broccolini, beef jus:
Charcoal grilled Hitachiwagyu A5 beef from Ibaraki, Japan. Served with grilled Jerusalem artichoke, pearl onion confit and finish with beef jus that we put “Tomasu” soya sauce from Holland to give more sweet and salty.
Fresh Local Mango “Nam Dok Mai” one of the best Thai Mango with the sweetest taste, Madagascar vanilla mousse, passion fruit crèmeux, jasmine tea foam, mango sheet, caramel macadamia for a special crunch.

Savelberg restaurant Bangkok is one of the top restaurants and award winner at TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok.

Savelberg Bangkok, 136/1 Yen Akat 2, Chong Nonsi, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120
Phone: +66 2252 8001, Email: reservation@savelbergth.com, Web: www.savelbergth.com