TAT 360, for TAT to Become a Leading State Enterprise

TAT 360, for TAT to Become a Leading State Enterprise

Bangkok (Thailand) – November 6, 2018 (travelindex) – In Thailand, tourism industry is one of the main industries that generates huge amount of income to the country. It is an industry that is relevant to many people from various sections. Tourism Authority of Thailand, the organization that is responsible for the promotion of Thailand’s tourism market, realized that to create an effectiveness, all sectors including stakeholders in the travel industry must be consistent to be able to make Thailand’s tourism industry sustainable.

“When the tourism sector is larger, it is inevitable that more people will be involved. So, we need to understand the context of the work and who are we going to work with. In addition, we need to know the needs of those involved in the work and stakeholders who help TAT to be in line with the objectives; How will TAT be the leader in tourism promotion and how will TAT make Thailand a popular tourist destination? To be in line with these objectives, TAT need to adjust an organization structure to be a well-rounded organization to step up as a leading state enterprise.” said Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), who revealed the process of an organization adjustment to be in line with TAT 360.

TAT has adopted the TAT 360 model, a model of developing workers to be “knowledgeable” means that they can be able to improve and disseminate the knowledge on tourism information nationally and internationally, and “well-rounded” means they are paying attention to natural resources, social impact and stakeholders in the tourism industry.

TAT 360 is considered as the strategy to increase work efficiency of the organization that will contribute to the sustainability of the Thai tourism industry, and for TAT to become a leading state enterprise according to the criteria of the State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO).

“The TAT 360 model does not really differ from the traditional way but more like an addition to it. It creates a more concentrated work in order to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness of the tasks that TAT has assigned including building a strong national economy through the tourism industry and distributing wealth to the community. It is a work that does not leave anyone behind like the government policies.”

Mr. Yuthasak added that the work structure does not change but will be more concentrated in terms of collaboration of the people in the organization. Every part of the organization, including employees at all levels, involves in creating a quality organization such as sharing opinions, creating organizational awareness, or exchanging information between the parties to achieve good coordination.

“The activities will be implemented in form of online activities and there will be a central space to be a platform for creative expression. For example, we have an activity called Share Your CG that everyone can forward their favorite CG or an activity called TAT Hero a quiz activity that aims to raise awareness about good governance.

When we have adjusted all the sides of our work, I think it would have a positive impact toward the customers, civilians and those who are involved. They would have been impressed if they know we take care of them. It can be a mark that would guarantee professionalism in working together. I think that’s important.”

Not only adjust the work process, but the new TAT also adds new projects and missions under the direction of Mr. Yuthasak who believes that every change will contribute to the development.

“As of now, we are working on the projects to create unity with employees in the organization, support good governance, and encourage participation in the TAT 360. We have opened a public space for employees which is the board called Your Ideas. All employees are able to contribute their ideas for the organization. We have activities to promote knowledge on good governance such as TAT Hero, Share your CG and other activities. We also have environmental activities such as Wasteless Day activity. Networking and collaboration with external partners are established as well. These activities show that we are progressing continuously. We will move forward with quality and efficiency to strengthen the economy of the country like we have done in the past.”

Whether it is to adjust the work process by implementing TAT 360 model or to create activities that instill TAT’s vision to people in the organization, the main goal is to develop the organization to become a leading state enterprise with quality work, quality people, strong network and transparency. Mr. Yuthasak emphasized that TAT wants to be a recognized as a leading state enterprise.

“Finally, we want to make the concept of TAT 360 be recognized as the Key Success Factor of being a good state enterprise employee that will make us the leading state enterprise in the future.”